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Message from the President



Welcome to the China University of Petroleum-Beijing (CUPB) -- a global intellectual hub in energy studies, located in the dynamic and culturally-rich Changping District of Beijing City. Serving CUPB as the president since 2005 remains a tremendous honour to me, given the University’s longstanding reputation for its innovative education and distinguished research. Our long-term vision is to upgrade CUPB to a world class university in Petroleum and Petro-chemical studies and to provide better service to the world energy industry.

Our top students and faculty account for CUPB’s leading position in China in subjects ranging from geosciences to petroleum engineering, chemical engineering, geophysics, mechanical and pipeline engineering and business administration. Industrial and alumni support contibutes enormously to its educational quality improvement, research advancement, human and financial resource growth, and its overall campacity building. 

To convert this vision into action, CUPB is implementing strategic plans in teaching and research, with intention to build up an internationally competitive faculty team and expose students to more industrial engineering practice and international learning environment and opportunities, and CUPB is now focusing more on new energy, subsea, clean energy, environmental protection  technology and programmes, encouraging cooperation with industry and international universities. We are acknowledged that we have made some achievements and progress in those aspects. Over the next few years, we therefore hope to do even better in creating a more inspiring learning environment and providing more state-of-art facilities for research and teaching, offering more diversity programmes and building a more internationalized on-campus community for students. We hope to attract more qualified international students from around the world, to increase the number from current 820 to 1500 in 5 years by offering better programmes and more scholarship.
Professor Zhang Laibin