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Chancellor Prof. Shan Honghong lead delegation team to Harvard University

In September 2018, by the invitation of Alan Garber(Provost of Harvard University), Prof. Shan Honghong (Changcellor of China University of Petroleum-Beijing)led the heads of CUPB Science and Technology Department, Personnel Department and International Office to visit the laboratories of Harvard University and the Schlumberger-Doyle Research Center, with their leaders and professors. The delegation team exchanged work on joint personnel training and scientific research cooperation, visited CUPB alumni, and established the "East American Alumni Association of CUPB".

Shan Honghong met with Alan Garber(Provost of Harvard University), Francis J. Doyle III (Dean of the Academy of Engineering and Applied Sciences) and David Weitz, academician of the Academy of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Opinions were widely exchanged on the development of high-level basic research and personnel training in the field of science.Shan Honghong and Francis J. Doyle III signed the Memorandum of Cooperation between China University of Petroleum -Beijing.and Harvard University on behalf of China University of Petroleum-Beijng and Harvard University respectively. 

Shan Honghong and her delegation visited the Weitz Laboratory , visited teachers, postdoctoral students and doctoral students of CUPB who cooperated in the SEAS-CUPB Joint Laboratory of Harvard University (Joint Laboratory of International Cooperation in Oil and Gas Science, co-founded by China Petroleum University and Harvard University), and listened to the progress of oil and gas scientific research.