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Apache Egypt Company Visited CUPB

On March 5, Warren Mark Avery, Senior Manager of International Human Resources and Leadership Planning Department of Apache Egypt Company, and Mr. Liu Xiaobin, Deputy Manager of Human Resources, visited CUPB. Leaders and responsible persons of the functional departments of Petroleum Engineering College, Science and Technology Department and International Office of our university participated the meeting.


At the meeting, the International Office  introduced the development process, teachers, teaching, scientific research and internationalization of CUPB. The Science and Technology Department introduced in detail the current situation and achievements of scientific research in our university. Petroleum Engineering College introduced in detail the development, advantages and research characteristics of the college. Warren Mark Avery gave a brief introduction to his company, expressed his appreciation for the achievements of CUPB, and expressed his hope to cooperate with CUPB and other partners in the future. Subsequently, the two sides discussed the topics of interest.
After the meeting, Warren Mark Avery and Mr. Liu visited the campus and key laboratories.
Apache Corporation is an independent U.S. oil and gas company headquartered in the Oak Center in Houston, Texas. Now, it has become a large multinational corporation.